Powerful HCM technology + Dedicated HR Expertise Boosts Sales & Increases Enterprise Value.
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144% Online training of servers can increase sales 144%
$5,864 The cost of FOH staff turnover averages $5,864 per person
3X Well-trained restaurant employees stay 3 times longer


Build, manage & develop superior teams that deliver outstanding guest experiences, drive loyalty and boost sales.

CREATE A GREAT CULTURE Best place to work - attract and retain key employees and reduce turnover with a culture of excellence  

Friendly, attentive service and an engaged floor manager turn new diners into loyal customers

STELLAR GUEST EXPERIENCE Positive word of mouth, repeat sales, more regulars  

It's the difference between a viable establishment and one that closes its doors


In an industry with small profit margins and a perishable product, every edge matters


A consistent, efficient, repeatable formula that ensures success and enhances enterprise value

Our wonderful clients are our best salespeople


Restaurant Chefs Putting Together a Plate

What's our recipe?

Restaurant People Cloud is the perfect fusion of expertise, technology, procedures, and partnerships to help you create positive guest experiences and maximize operational efficiency.

Restaurant Expertise

Focus exclusively on the unique and complex human capital management demands of multi-unit restaurants

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iSolved People Cloud

Intuitive Payroll, HR & Employee Management in a single, cloud-based platform complements your POS & accounting solutions

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Successful outcomes guaranteed through proven methods for requirements discovery, solution implementation & support

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Our partnerships with your technology providers, trusted advisors, and consultants help ensure your success 

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Ingredient #1

Restaurant HR Advisory Team

At the beginning of each engagement, we listen to understand your current situation and priorities. We learn your restaurant’s core values, culture, and brand. Then, we prepare and present a tailor-made Action Plan with a human capital management strategy to achieve your business goals.
Restaurant People Cloud Leadership


We are Lizz Durante and Kathy Ogilvie. We have been with Payroll Network since 2005 when the company was only about 20 people. In the last 15 years, between the two of us, we've done just about every job in the company, from Sales & Marketing to Client Experience. We know and love the Human Capital Management solutions industry!

In the fall of 2020, when our company embraced industry marketing strategy, we were offered the opportunity to pick any industry we wanted to focus on, to learn everything we could, to become immersed in the sector, to discover what it was we could offer that would uniquely satisfy a niche market. We chose multi-unit restaurants.

Obviously, we love going to wonderful restaurants and traveling - who doesn't - so choosing the Hospitality sector was easy. Some questioned our timing because of COVID, but we knew it would take more than a pandemic to keep this sector down because the successful restaurateur is the most creative, nimble, and passionate business owner there is.

We did a ton of research about the restaurant industry, joined its associations, and interviewed our wonderful restaurant clients and prospects to learn what they need in the way of human capital strategy to build great teams who delight guests so they could grow and scale with confidence. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity given to us by our founder, Charlie Wolf, our CEO, George Sarbacher, and for the steadfast and unwavering support of our senior leadership.

We can't wait to meet YOU! We want to learn about your establishment and, wherever possible, to be of service. 

Please connect with us on LinkedIn:

Lizz Durante, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Kathy Ogilvie, Chief of Everything Else

Best in 2021 and beyond!

Raise the Bar Team

Our Restaurant-savvy professionals develop and fulfill your HR Strategy and Action Plan:


Paula Grim, PHR-CP

Caroline Reeves, SHRM-CP

Restaurant Implementation Specialists

Restaurant Support Specialists

Restaurant Job Posting Consultant


Cost-effective HR Support

With Restaurant People Cloud, you get a team of certified HR experts at a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR professional. They understand restaurants’ unique HR and Payroll needs and serve as your HR infrastructure, working hand in hand with you to achieve your goals with unlimited meetings as well as regular monthly updates.

Your team develops and methodically works your Action Plan to alleviate your headaches, addressing the following...and more!
  • Proactive alerts about relevant legislation and reporting requirements and changes to ensure payroll & benefits compliance with wage & hour laws, tips, minimum wage, multi‐location rules, and Employer's Annual Information Return of Tip Income & Allocated Tips (Form 8027) 
  • A personalized, customized up-to-date, compliant Employee Handbook
  • Forms, policies, templates & job descriptions tailored to your needs
  • Labor law posters with automatic updates
  • Support with ACA reporting, Wage Scales FOH & BOH market rates, and PTO tracking with automated requests & approvals

Your HR Support Hotline is available to you between Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET and  24/7 web-based HR Support Center, including an HR Library & and an HR Ticket Tracking so you can refer back to previous requests and solutions
Streamline and perfect the early days of your Restaurant’s new ‘Brand Ambassadors’

Much of your guests’ experience - and therefore, your restaurant’s success - is dependent on your employees’ experience. Unfortunately, the many activities associated with the high employee turnover characteristic of most restaurants can be time-consuming and inefficient and drain managers of the energy needed to ensure outstanding guest service.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all employee turnover, Restaurant People Cloud can automate your new hire recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and orientation experience, helping you develop a team that generates even more positive word of mouth, more repeat guests, and ever-higher sales.

The approach we recommend will replace any paper-based processes that may exist, streamlining your operations, ensuring compliance, saving your managers time, and making a modern, sleek and positive first impression on your candidates.

Your HR Advisory Team assists you with assessing and optimizing your:

  • Talent acquisition process
  • Job postings and interview questions
  • Job offer letter templates
  • New hire onboarding and orientation process
  • Electronic onboarding, personnel files, performance, workflows, and new hire electronic acknowledgments
Manager training, development & coaching
  • Anti-Harassment
  • HR Training, and live webinars
  • Organizational planning and development
  • Change Management Assistance
  • Employee retention strategies
  • Employee engagement coaching
Performance management policies + Performance review process and documents

+ Disciplinary action and performance improvement plan assistance
Compliant & Safe workplace
  • Avoid costly compliance issues with proactive advice
  • In-Depth HR Compliance Audit and Recommendations
  • Harassment Prevention Training
  • Policy library and proactive law alerts
Assistance with Hiring Offered as an optional service at an additional fee, your HR Advisor team can help to accelerate your recruiting process:
  • Job Analysis Review - reviews your company culture and key position details for recruitment assistance
  • Applicant Reviews - Narrow down the applicant pool for open positions
  • Phone Screens - Conduct and document phone screens for applicants to help present strong candidates for consideration and interviews
  • Stay Organized - we will maintain the iSolved Hire database, statuses, messages for applicants
Legal Assistance We have partnered with the award-winning online legal service, myHRcounsel, which gives you unlimited access to attorneys, ERISA law compliance, and 24/7 access to a legal solutions center.
  • Unlimited access to attorneys
  • Coverage in all aspects of the employee life cycle: hiring, onboarding, compliance, performance management, training, compensation,benefits, and termination
  • 24/7 access to a Legal Solutions Center which includes hundreds of employment & business law documents, templates, checklists & updates
  • Legally completed employee documents (separation agreements, state-specific employment agreements, NDA’s, restrictive covenants
  • Unlimited review of myHRcounsel forms
  • Review of two forms from external sources per month
  • Expert assistance with drafting corporate policies and procedures
  • Reduced fee commercial collections: 15% contingent fee on pre-litigation/30% if litigation is required on the claims
  • Reduced fee consumer collections: 25% contingent fee on pre-litigation claims
Restaurant HR Advisory Team


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Comprehensive HCM Platform for Growing Restaurants
Ingredient #2

Comprehensive HCM Platform for Growing Restaurants

iSolved People Cloud has everything your restaurant needs to manage your employees’ lifecycle, from pre-hire to retirement. It's powerful payroll and HR software that can talk to your POS, accounting, and tip management solutions.
Attract & hire the best talent
  • Integrated applicant tracking
  • Job Postings to over 1,400 job boards and social sites
  • Screen applicants for minimum qualifications
  • Conduct background checks
  • Electronic Onboarding
  • Secure Work Opportunity Tax Credits
automate orientation, training & development
  • Create your own custom content and paths and certifications that meet the needs of your restaurant
  • Incorporate videos, gamification
  • Intuitive navigation for an enjoyable user experience
  • Easy to access and view reports and dashboards
Manage Performance
  • Performance Management, Goal Setting & Reviews help your organization monitor and report on performance with flexible cycles that can be tailored to the needs of your organization
  • Managers and supervisors can use pre-loaded review templates.
  • Connect individual, team, and company goals to the review and recognize results
  • Goal-setting and monitoring, including goals for specific groups, individuals, and the company as a whole.
  • Create workstreams and attach them to goals, or cascade goals down the organization to track the progress from all team members.
  • A personalized dashboard that keeps the most important information right where you need it.
Simplify payroll & tax filing
  • SaaS‐based/Multi‐tenant technology platform
  • Unlimited online payrolls
  • Federal tax filing and payments
  • State and local filing
  • State and federal unemployment insurance
  • Direct deposit, Pay Card, Check
  • Garnishment Set Up
  • Real‐time payroll preview
  • Mobile app
  • Online employee paystubs and W2s/1099s/1095s
  • Multi‐layered security
  • WOTC Wizard
Streamline HR
  • Employee and manager self‐service
  • Leave accrual tracking with automated request/approval
  • Employee communications portal Configurable workflow and approval and notification processes
  • Unlimited structure & organization charts
  • Compliance tracking and reporting (I‐9, OSHA, EEO, Vets)
  • Employee management
  • Online employee documents & policy management with E‐sign
  • Tax update wizard (E‐sign W‐4)
  • Job history
  • Salary history
  • Education
  • Company assets
  • Certification & licensing
  • Skills & training
  • Miscellaneous & through custom fields
  • Performance review management
Intelligent Reporting & analytics
  • Restaurant report bundle for easy access and better decision making
  • Labor Cost
  • Employee Deductions Not Taken Report
  • Employee Zero Earnings
  • FICA Tip Credit
  • QTD FICA Tip Credit
  • YTD FICA Tip Credit
  • Pay Transactions Audit Report
  • Pay Transactions Audit Export
  • Pay Transactions Labor Audit
  • Pay Transactions Labor Audit Export
  • Tip Allocation 8027
  • Tip Allocation 8846
  • Tip Allocation Worksheet YTD
  • Tip Analysis Report
  • Tip Signature Report
  • Turnover By Classification
  • Turnover Statistics
  • Over 300 standard reports
  • Custom Report Writer Wizard
Automate Benefits Administration
  • Unified with payroll system to calculate and manage deductions
  • Manage complex eligibility rules
  • Online open enrollment self‐service
  • Online life event management
  • Robust benefit reporting
  • Role‐based reporting access for brokers/advisors
Time & Attendance
  • Time collection ‐ online, mobile app or time clocks
  • Rules‐driven pay policies and shift differentials
  • Policy and labor groups
  • Overtime and premiums
  • Flexible time rounding rules
  • Meal and break tracking
  • Attendance management: Rules drive attendance/schedules


Powerful HCM technology + Dedicated HR Expertise Boosts Sales & Increases Enterprise Value.
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Ingredient #3

Proven Processes

Over 25 years, we've honed our approach to learning client requirements, developing a customized project and action plan, implementing solutions, supporting, training, and measuring our results.

Requirements discovery
  • We interview you and your stakeholders to make sure we understand your current situation and your desired state. 
  • Presentation
  • Project Plan
  • Prioritization
  • Proceed
Implementation Our onboarding and implementation team will make you proud of your choice.

Thorough, thoughtful, professional implementation.

Project Tracker guides both teams and provides 24/7 visibility of your implementation status.

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Client Service

To a great extent, client service is our product. Success demands a team of thoughtful experts who can understand your business and fit that technology to your exact needs.

  • Unlimited, free training
  • Free unlimited tune-ups
  • Simple support ticket system
  • Tax filing and tax notice resolution
  • Custom integration service
  • Open enrollment support
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We don't assume we're doing a great job-we ask! 

Proven Processes
100% focus on multi-unit restaurants
94% Client retention over 23 years
97.5% client satisfaction last 36 months
Ingredient #4


In 1623, English poet John Donne wrote in his "Meditation 17" that No man is an island. He could have been referring to restaurant owners and operators who rely on a network of trusted advisors, suppliers, and technology providers to make the magic happen.

That's why we partner with the people and businesses that you rely on every day to make everything work perfectly!

Interested in partnering up?

Click here to view our Community Page.

Technology Partners
  • POS integrations & interfaces so time entry is simplified and employee data is accurate - Micros, Aloha POS, PosiTouch, Toast, and others. We support both API and flat file integrations
  • Tip Management - such as Kickfin Instant Tip Payment Solution
  • General Ledger - every accounting system under the sun
  • 401(k) - Dozens of record keepers supported
  • Learning Management - Expand Share
  • CPAs
  • Lawyers
  • Consultants
  • Business Advisors
  • Financial Services
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Restaurant Association of Maryland
  • Virginia Restaurant Travel Lodging Association
  • Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington
  • Ocean City Hotel Motel Restaurant Association
  • Foundation for Hospitality and Restaurant Management
Restaurant People cloud