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An HR manager interviews a job applicant.

Put the right people in the right seats.

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Simplified recruiting and hiring.

  • Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click.
  • Organize your hiring process.
  • Attract better candidates.
  • Reduce time-to-hire.
  • Improve the applicant experience.
  • Enable collaboration across hiring teams.
  • Decrease cost-per-hire.
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Payroll Network makes employee onboarding easy.

Onboarding is a snap!

  • Optimize the way you handle new hire paperwork, by eliminating it.
  • Manage onboarding and compliance in a single platform.
  • Avoid bottlenecks with improved efficiency and data consistency.
  • Workflow automation makes collection, tracking and storage of forms and documents easy.
  • Electronic signatures.

  • Built-in I-9 and E-Verify tools automate forms and processes.

  • Our team makes sure it’s set up and running exactly the way you need it.

Welcome aboard!

Logical, accurate new-hire registration process.

New-Hire Registration Process

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We had a very strong onboarding and integration support experience – driven by the people at Payroll Network. We really enjoy the fact that they worked to build us a solution and experience that fits our business.
Marc Harlacher, Expedition Technology, Inc.

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