Intelligent Learning. Simplified.

Execute your organization’s growth objectives with Learn & Grow, a learning management system for continuous career growth integrated within your HCM platform.

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Increase Employee Engagement Keep your workforce motivated by encouraging collaboration, continuing education, and career development while increasing job satisfaction.
Attract & Retain Top Talent Set your organization apart by offering personal and professional development opportunities, customizing paths for career growth, and providing feedback on training.
Stay Compliant

Transform the way your teams learn while ensuring your team is up-to-date with the latest compliance courses, including sexual harassment and state-mandated training.

Make learning easy and fun!

  • Upload custom content and track online training
  • Assign courses and paths to employees based on their roles and needs
  • Engage your team with gamification for rewards and recognition
  • Make learning more accessible to everyone in your organization
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Gallup studies find that

Highly Engaged Workplaces Have:

21% Improvement in Productivity
59% Reduction in Turnover
3x Higher Client Satisfaction

Inspire & motivate your workforce

  • Extended Course Library

Find the right content with over 50,000 courses in multiple languages, styles, and formats

  • SCORM Viewer

Extensive library of 150 pre-built user-friendly courses on an array of topics including compliance, business skills, workplace safety, and management

  • Custom-designed Learning

Easily assign courses and paths to employees based on their roles and individual needs, or assign a course to an entire team instantly

  • Reporting

Easy access to view reports and dashboards in a mobile friendly and cloud-based system