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Our HR Advisor experts analyze, then optimize your entire HR process. Payroll, time, talent, HR, benefits, tax and compliance are fine tuned to meet your specific needs. Our team, works with your team, to handle all your HR needs.

Our HR Advisors Help YOU Succeed.

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Payroll Network’s HR Advisor services and iSolved solutions has provided a one-stop shop for our human resources needs, including recruiting and onboarding, as well as day-to-day support for company operations. Their technology is seamless and extremely well integrated, and their knowledge is unparalleled. The services are very scalable and have been a critical value as our company has grown.

J.J. Stakem, President, Objective Area Solutions

Our Team Does the Work For You.

  • Protect Your Workforce in a COVID-19 Marketplace
    • Provide 24/7 Legal Counsel*
    • Educate on the new FFCRA and CARES Act
    • Deliver Webinars, COVID-19 Resources, Articles and Templates
    • Understand and Update HR Policies and Procedures
  • Complete HR Compliance Discovery
    • Develop a 12-month HR Action Plan
  • Update Employee Handbook
  • Streamline Form I-9 Process/Audits/Workflow using iSolved
  • Revise Job Descriptions
  • Switch to Electronic Onboarding Using iSolved
  • Modernize HR Policies (Processes/Forms/Checklists/etc.)
  • Correct Employee Classifications
    • Exempt vs Non-Exempt
    • Employees vs Independent Contractors
  • Confirm State and Federal Compliance
  • Establish Management Training
  • Increase Employee Engagement

*Through partnership with myHRcounsel.

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It’s the best of both worlds. Personal service and iSolved Technology. Our HR Advisors do the heavy lifting for you, so you can be strategic and grow your business. Are you wearing too many hats? Multi-tasking can lead to mistakes.

Our HR Advisor team is like hiring a part-time HR Executive. Stay compliant, save time and save money on your HR needs. Our new legal service, myHRcounsel, provides unlimited access to attorneys and 24/7 access to our legal solutions center. Need recruiting help? Ask us about iSolved Hire Recruit Assist, another new service.

Do You Need an HR Advisor?

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

Are you up to speed on the latest HR best practices?

Have you updated your Employee Handbook in the last 12 months?

Are you confident that your current policies comply with federal and state regulations?

Do you have a competitive new employee onboarding process?

Are you taking steps to ensure you retain key employees?

This is a photo of Kyle Wade, one of Payroll Network's HR Advisors.

Kyle Wade, SPHR, SHRM-CP
VP of HR Services

Paula Grim, PHR
HR Advisor & Senior Benefits Consultant

Carolina Reeves
HR Advisor

Experience HR Advisor:

HR Advisor Process

Stage 1

In-person HR Discovery Meeting

Our team sits down with you to explore what your current Human Resources environment looks like. We collect samples of any policies, documents and processes as part of our analysis. If you are missing items, have no fear, we will help you establish new policies as we go!

Stage 2

Executive Summary & HR Discovery Review

We set our clients up with access to our HR Advisor Support Center Library, outline an HR Action Plan, and work with you to create a new and improved Employee Handbook.

Stage 3

Initiate HR Action Meetings

We meet with our clients on an as needed basis to execute the Action Plan items. These meetings focus on an array of topics including employee handbooks, Form I-9 process, Job Descriptions, Employee Classification, compliance updates and anything that may assist the company in shaping their strategy to develop and manage their company goals.

Stage 4

Establish HR Touchpoints in iSolved

We collaborate with our clients to ensure full utilization of all iSolved modules, including: Electronic Onboarding, I-9 verification and storage, and handbook/policy signoff, Full HCM and iSolved Workflows. We also offer additional modules including: Benefits Administration, ACA, Learn, Performance Management, Mojo Social and Performance, and iSolved Hire.

Stage 5

Ongoing Unlimited HR Support

HR Advisor clients can use us for unlimited HR Support. If a new issue or concern pops up, we’re available to help guide our clients and can quickly get on a call to discuss the situation. Clients also have the option of submitting HR tickets to us 24/7 and we have an HR hotline staffed from 8 AM-8 PM ET, if needed.

Stage 6

Proactive Support

No matter where your employees work, we keep you compliant at both the state and federal level. We will proactively communicate with you as employment laws change and adjust any policies as needed. You are busy running your business. We scan and monitor legislative changes for you.

Stage 7

Training & Strategic HR

Our team will work with you to help identify and train your administrator(s) or management on HR Topics as needed. After we review and stabilize your HR processes and compliance issues, you can focus on strategic topics such as employee engagement and retention, performance management, turnover analysis, etc. As your organization grows, we adjust our support to help you along your path.

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