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Every business needs effective HR processes and policies in order to be successful. Far too often, though, one of two things happens: HR becomes an afterthought and is not given the attention and effort it needs until a painful situation occurs, or it becomes a time-consuming task that gets in the way of other vital company-growth opportunities, so it gets ignored.

HR Advisor solves those problems by equipping you with industry-leading technology and a team of HR professionals eager to handle all of your HR needs. From payroll and talent to employee benefits and compliance, you work with the same team of HR experts on a variety of needs. These HR consulting services establish infrastructure and take projects off your plate so you can focus on what really matters — growing your business.

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Payroll Network’s HR Advisor services and iSolved solutions has provided a one-stop shop for our human resources needs, including recruiting and onboarding, as well as day-to-day support for company operations. Their technology is seamless and extremely well integrated, and their knowledge is unparalleled. The services are very scalable and have been a critical value as our company has grown.

J.J. Stakem, President, Objective Area Solutions

HR Technology to Drive Virtual Work Performance

HR has changed more in the past six months than it had the previous six years. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a slew of challenges in 2020, and the shift to work-from-home is one of the most important in terms of HR. Whether it be the difficult task of fostering employee engagement and building company culture within a virtual work environment or keeping up with talent acquisition remotely, HR teams are learning to adapt to these new challenges.  

With more and more companies adopting permanent work-from-home arrangements, businesses need to be equipped with the kind of HR technology that drives virtual work performance. Here are some of the ways HR Advisor equips you to excel in the work-from-home environment.

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Recruiting and Onboarding — The pandemic has changed the way employees are hired. While the recruiting and application process were digital before COVID-19, the entire process — recruiting, applicant tracking, interviewing, onboarding — is now completely virtual. HR Advisor and iSolved technology make digital applicant recruiting, tracking, and onboarding a breeze.


Employee Enablement — Having advanced technology in place to begin with makes the transition to the virtual world much easier. From benefit enrollment to payroll, employee self service, and hour tracking, everything is included in one easy-to-navigate software that gives your employees access to the HR assistance they need.


Enhanced HR Support — Many companies adopted more flexible hours when switching to the work-from-home format, which means that employees working in different states at different hours of the day may need unique assistance. HR technology from iSolved puts your needs first by answering after-hour ticket submissions and providing access to useful HR resources.


The Costs of Non-Compliance

When your HR practices are non-compliant, it impacts your bottom line more than you may realize. Here are some common HR penalties that HR Advisor helps you avoid:


Do You Need an HR Advisor?

To avoid those penalties and set your HR department up for success, ask yourself these five question:

1 | Have you updated your employee handbook for COVID-19? 

While it’s always been important to update the employee handbook regularly, the pandemic has made doing so absolutely necessary. From workplace safety to company values and PTO policies, a COVID-friendly employee handbook is a must.

2 | Do your HR policies account for the current changing landscape?

With work-from-home formats adopted by many companies, we’ve come to realize that many employers have neglected to update their HR policies to fully reflect this changing landscape. From remote work guidelines and hour tracking to overtime pay, correct employee classification, and managing a team of full-time employees now working in multiple states, your policies need to adhere to the new normal.

3| Do you struggle to stay up to date on evolving federal and state regulations?

Compliance regulations change at the federal and state level constantly, and trying to balance executive-level work with HR compliance is a near-impossible task. If you struggle to stay up to date on these changes, HR Advisor is here to offer a helping hand.

4 | Are you utilizing HR technology to its full potential?

HR technology has the ability to drive the performance of your virtual workforce more than you may realize. The right technology solves many of the problems you’ve been facing with virtual recruiting and onboarding, employee engagement, and more. Rely on HR Advisor to maximize your HR support in tandem with your iSolved HR technology.

5 | Are you getting the most value with your current HR investment?

HR Advisor adds value to your overall HR investment by partnering with you to complete a variety of projects rather than simply telling you what to do, as many consultants do. Our engagements are customized for each client’s specific needs, giving us the ability to meet you exactly where you need to be met.


Meet Your Advisor

Kyle Wade, SPHR, SHRM-CP, VP of HR Services

Kyle Wade, SPHR, SHRM-CP
VP of HR Services

Paula Grim, PHR, HR Advisor & Senior Benefits Consultant

Paula Grim, PHR
HR Advisor & Senior Benefits Consultant

Carolina Reeves, HR Advisor

Caroline Reeves, SHRM-CP
HR Advisor


The HR Advisor Way

At HR Advisor, we’re proud to be more than a consultant. We don’t just offer HR advice that you implement by yourself — we get into the weeds and help you complete necessary HR projects so you can stay compliant and continue growing your business. That begins with assessing your needs from a headcount perspective, which allows us to walk through a five-step process to ensure we exceed your highest expectations.

HR Advisor Process

Stage 1

Current HR Overview

The HR Advisor team will sit down with you to explore the current landscape of your HR department and operations. Whether you’re looking to supplement your internal HR team with industry experts or you want to explore a new HR partnership entirely, our HR consultants will help identify strengths and weaknesses to work from.

Stage 2

HR Action Plan

After identifying your current HR situation, we collaborate with you to develop an action plan that helps improve all things HR. From employee handbooks and job descriptions to federal compliance and training policies, it’s our goal to organize and implement a roadmap that helps you achieve everything you need from an HR standpoint.

Stage 3

iSolved Touchpoints

With HR evolving so much in 2020, the need for industry-leading technology has never been more apparent. As more and more companies embrace the virtual landscape, the desire to eliminate paper and go fully electronic continues to expand. With some desirables in place from our HR action plan, we take the time to ensure you understand how to leverage our iSolved software to its full potential, helping you meet and exceed those goals. Our software includes a variety of tools built to take stress and HR responsibilities off your plate, including electronic onboarding, I-9 verification, and comprehensive HCM workflows.

Stage 4

Ongoing HR Partnership

We don’t stop working after constructing our action plan. If anything, that’s where our work begins. We understand the evolving landscape of HR better than anyone, and we stay by your side to offer unlimited access to the assistance you need. From answering unforeseen HR questions to learning a new piece of our software, we’re with you when you need it most.

Stage 5


After reviewing, stabilizing, and updating your HR processes and enhancing your HCM software, our HR advisors will help train employees, administrators, and management on your new HR landscape. Rather than wait for compliance issues to occur, we stay ahead of HR updates and engage with you to ensure you understand the changes. From this point, we can adjust our involvement according to your growth to ensure you always have a trustworthy HR partner.

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When it comes to HR consulting, you need to leverage industry expertise and the latest and greatest technology. One without the other is as useful as a computer mouse without a computer — it just doesn’t work.

With HR Advisor, you get the best of both worlds: a personal HR advisor who understands the stipulations of HR consulting as they relate to your specific needs, and integrated technology solutions that streamline all aspects of HR. Reach out to HR Advisor when you’re ready to maximize your HR department.