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Inspire ideas, connections, and collaboration that will transform your company.
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Help-icon-small Improve Culture Keep your workforce engaged and motivated by providing the necessary people tools, integrated into a single platform, and supported by a single people partner.
Help-icon-small Improve Performance Our customizable Performance Package allows you to empower team members to maximize their potential and job satisfaction.
Help-icon-small Save Money The combination of our all-in-one solutions and your improved retention rates will help your HR team save significant money each year.
You Can Have a Great Culture Too!

Create Your Dynamic Workplace Culture

  • Make it easier for everyone to work together.
  • Share information and collaborate.
  • Recognize ideas.
  • Crowdsource and poll.
  • Gamify to encourage participation.
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Gallup studies find that

Highly Engaged Workplaces Have:

21% Improvement in Productivity
59% Reduction in Turnover
3x Higher Client Satisfaction
Your Team Deserves the Best.

The "Perform and Engage" Package Adds Even More

  • Integrated Performance Reviews

Configurable templates identify strengths and areas for improvement. Connect individual, team, and company goals.

  • Set and View Goals

Create workstreams and attach them to the goals. Cascade them throughout the organization. Track progress from all team members.

  • Nine Box Identifies Star Performers 

Reveals star employees who may be the best fit for a promotion or further development.

  • 360 Reviews

Employee feedback from inside and outside of your company.