To help slow the spread of COVID-19, many companies are temporarily requiring employees to work from home (WFH). For those who aren’t accustomed to WFH, here are a few common sense tips:  

  • Source the Right Tools & Equipment. Make sure you have the right equipment and tools to be successful virtually. Lean on your organization’s technical support team and managers to make sure you have what you need to be productive working from a home environment. Can you print if needed? How are you making phone calls? Do you have appropriate high-speed internet access and system access to your network?
  • Create a Home Workspace. Set up the proper environment to be productive at home. Try to use a space in your home that is dedicated to work that has a door where you can shut out unwanted noise and interruptions. Not everyone has a home office but try to avoid busy family traffic areas like the kitchen table.
  • Increase Communications. Intentionally increase communications with colleagues/vendors/clients. Take advantage of online chats/video conferencing and make sure you are available if needed. Call people more often instead of relying on email communication to remain connected.
  • Separate Work Life from Home Life. This may sound silly but sometimes people working remotely actually work too much, overdo how much they are working, and fail to turn away from the job since work is so readily available all the time.
  • Establish a Routine. And try to keep to it so you don’t become hyper focused. This means don’t forget to take a couple breaks, eat usual meals, remember to get up and walk around during the day, and get some fresh air as well.

Working remotely can be daunting for employees not accustomed to it. Stay in close contact with your employees and make sure everyone has what they need. If you are proactively in touch with everyone, you can work to try and keep productivity as high as possible during this unusual time. Reach out to if you need counsel during the evolving new normal.