Working from home creates new challenges and temptations that may have otherwise been avoided when you were spending most of your days at the office and commuting to and from work. Take this newly found working from home situation and convert it into an opportunity to maintain or improve your wellness and health.

Healthy Suggestions:

  • Establish a ‘new’ commute. Instead of simply rolling out of bed and turning on the laptop, get dressed and go for a morning walk to get out of the house and get your mind aligned with the work that lies ahead. Take scheduled breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch or workout as well.
  • Get enough sleep. Don’t over-work yourself simply because work is now available at any time during the day. Set boundaries and make sure to mix in family, health and non-work priorities, such as a movie night with the family.
  • Stay hydrated. To avoid the tempting, unhealthy snacks looming in the pantry, prepare some healthy snacks for the day in advance.
  • Work out daily. Planks, crunches, push-ups, squats, yoga, stretching, resistance bands or dumbbell activities if they are available. There are also many online workouts and virtual gyms/videos. See options below!
  • Pick a wellness partner. Identify an accountability partner or group who will check on you virtually and encourage you to stick with these healthy changes.

For many workers, the commute and being tired at the end of a long day were easy excuses to avoid a healthy lifestyle. Now that there is a massive increase in workers and companies working virtually, what’s preventing you from improving your fitness? Make lemons into lemonade with COVID-19 and boost your wellness and health. Here is a list of options:

Planet Fitness: Tune into the “no judgment” gym’s Facebook page every day at 6 p.m. for a live 20-minutes-or-fewer “work in” led by personal trainers, and even special guests. Taking part is free, and you don’t have to be a member. No equipment required. If you can’t make the time, the workout will be available for playback on the Facebook page and the gym’s YouTube channel.

Core Power Yoga: The studio has put together a collection of free classes available anytime, on demand here. Classes vary in length.

305 Fitness: Known for making cardio a raging dance party, 305 Fitness has about 20 free classes on its YouTube channel while its studios are closed.

Studio Three: Three takes a unique approach in combining cycling, yoga and interval training in the same gym. While its two Chicago locations are closed, the gym is hosting classes on Instagram Live multiple times during the day, typically in the morning, during the lunch hour and early evening. If you miss a session, the workouts are available for playback on the app.

LA Fitness: Download the gym’s app for free workouts using the Studio Zone feature, which is a free amenity for members.

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YMCA 360: This new online community offers a variety of free, on-demand group exercise classes, like barre, yoga, weightlifting, and programs for seniors and kids. You do not have to be a member to participate.

Runaway Fitness: This local fitness studio, which specializes in strength and conditioning, is hosting free workouts on its Instagram Live, as well as a variety of circuit workouts listed on its page.

Stay healthy!