Payroll Network wants to raise awareness regarding the Senate Bill No. 1724 that was approved March 21, 2019 in the state of Virginia. Starting July 1, 2019, Virginia employers must provide copies of certain employment records to current and former employees and their attorneys within 30 days of receiving a written request.

Read the new Virginia law here.

What kind of records are included in this requirement?

  • Employee’s wages or salary during employment
  • Employee’s dates of employment with the employer
  • Employee’s job description and job title during employment
  • Any injuries sustained by the employee while employed with the employer

What happens if an employer doesn’t respond or refuses to comply?

Employers may receive subpoenas for the records even when there is no pending civil action. The employer may also be liable for costs and fees associated with the request.

What is the potential impact for employers?

Aside from the legal risks of non-compliance, employees may request and share documents reflecting their wages. This could expose unexplainable disparities, wage gaps, or pay equity concerns.

What steps should employers take?

  1. Make certain you have updated job descriptions for your positions that accurately outline the requirements and duties.
  2. Make certain your employee handbook is current and updated regarding access to employment records to comply with the new law.
  3. Conduct an internal file review to make sure documents are up to date and appropriately filed. Personnel records should be kept separate from medical records and form i-9s.
  4. Examine your wage discrepancies (if applicable) between employees performing the same jobs.

Can Payroll Network help our company with some of the action items above?

YES! Payroll Network offers a HR PRO service in addition to your payroll administration solution.

Adding HR PRO with Payroll Network is like hiring a part-time HR executive who happens to be an expert with the iSolved platform. Your HR PRO advisor will audit your HR systems and data, recommend goals, and work with your team to develop and execute an action plan. This will help keep your organization compliant and stay on top of new developments like the one mentioned above.  We would partner with you and help address the 4 action items listed above as part of our partnership with you.

Contact us to setup a 15-minute call to see if HR Pro would be a fit for you. Email or call Kyle Wade (VP of HR Services) directly at 301-339-6005.