This is a photograph of a desk at home. The image symbolizes employees working from home.

When your employees are all in the office, it’s easy to provide feedback, offer coaching, and pull people together for meetings. Employee engagement becomes more challenging when working remotely. In this unusual time, don’t let working remotely be a reason for performance management to fall to the side. Performance management should remain a key aspect of your employee interactions and help you engage with employees. Check our previous blog post if you want to learn some tips about working from home.


Performance Management Tips:

  1. Review job descriptions.
    Now is a great time to review expectations and discuss how to successfully do their job virtually.
  2. Schedule check-ins.
    Regular check-in sessions via phone/video/instant message will help with focus and productivity.
  3. Provide feedback.
    Provide positive and/or negative feedback consistently to reinforce what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement. Use video conferencing to connect personally with your employees for any feedback sessions.
  4. Trust your employees.
    You hired great people that you want to retain, so open communication is critical. Be honest and direct with them and ask them to be honest and direct with you.

Our iSolved technology helps you succeed in performance management. Take this time to further utilize iSolved to track key items for your employees.

Fields that alleviate manual tracking outside of iSolved include:

  1. Performance reviews.
    Create any type of performance review (30-day, 60-day, check-in). It doesn’t have to be an annual review.
  2. Employee notes.
    Store notes on each employee record for virtual check-in dates and discussion notes.
  3. Company assets.
    Track assigned company property due to the increase in remote workers.
  4. Disciplinary actions.
    Track dates, types of offenses, and notes for employees.
  5. Awards, certifications, education, skills, and training.
    Monitor employees’ personal updates via self-service.

Payroll Network strives to help you reach your full potential with iSolved. Contact to learn more and explore us helping you with implementing any of the items above.