As businesses reopen their doors, there are numerous considerations to ensure a safe working environment for employees.

Prevent spread of illness

CDC Recommendations

  1. Encourage workers who are sick to stay home.
  2. Separate symptomatic workers and send them home.
  3. Conduct health checks before workers enter a building.

Health checks could be temperature readings or screening for symptoms.1

Health checks should be private to maintain employees’ confidentiality.

Provide Protective Equipment

Use protective gear, including:

  • Face masks
  • Gloves
  • Coverings for clothing
Two doctors wearing personal protective equipment.

Consider providing adequate PPE:

  • Ensure workers have the essential coverings
  • Assure employees that the office is a clean, healthy place

Tip: Stock up on hand sanitizer and soap!

An employee is wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in the office.

Maintain Social Distancing

  • Reconfigure cubicles
  • Restrict access to every other desk
  • Space out workstations

High-traffic areas: Either close them off or enforce social distancing.

Continue remote work options

Staying at home remains the best way to avoid disease. Many companies have found that their workforce can conduct business remotely.

82.76% say they’re more open to increasing remote work options.2

Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees safe atmospheres in which to work.

Download the infographic here.