How frequently do you show employees appreciation? Daily, occasionally, during a performance review? Don’t wait for a special occasion.

Thank Employees Every Day

Set a good example. Thanking your employees regularly creates a positive and welcoming environment. A simple thank you after a long day reminds employees that they are appreciated and valued.

Promote Professional Development

Promotions may not always be possible, but advancement opportunities are. Help employees set goals, learn new skills, and improve existing skills. Would a certification or online class contribute to their professional development and help them do their job better? Consider covering the cost. Showing employees that you care about their professional development makes them feel appreciated.

Increase Employee Mojo

Recognizing employees for doing a good job during annual performance reviews is not enough. A performance management system, like Mojo, recognizes employees regularly, encourages peer recognition, and boosts employee engagement. Gallup studies find that highly engaged workplaces have 21% improvement in productivity and 59% reduction in turnover. This enables peer recognition, an engaged workforce, improving culture and driving success.

Ask employees for Input

Is your organization going through any changes? Ask for their opinion and ideas. Keep employees informed about the state of your organization and show them how they contribute to its success. This will help employees feel important and valued.

Post Social Media Shout-outs

Share employee or team accomplishments on your social media platforms. This not only makes employees feel appreciated but shares your positive work culture with potential job candidates.

Celebrate Anniversaries

Do more than a gift card. Get creative and make it personal. Treat your employee to lunch. Use that time to reflect on their success, celebrate personal growth, and thank them for being a member or your team.

Creating a vibrant, culture of motivated, happy employees, by simply saying thank you, will pay serious business dividends.