Payroll Network continues to see instances of clients having their email accounts compromised. When this occurs, unauthorized hackers gain control of client email accounts and attempt to commit financial fraud.

Payroll Network employs multiple layers of security to protect your payroll data, and we do not initiate payroll processing or funding changes based-on email alone. However, we have heard from clients who have had their email hacked that access to other systems, such as Online Banking, have been compromised.

Payroll Network strongly recommends that all clients enable Multi-Factor Authentication [MFA] on their email accounts. Enabling MFA is the easiest way to significantly improve your email account security. Please read our MFA Think Piece to learn more about this.

Additionally, clients should continue to be cautious about logging-in to online systems based-on email alerts. We see that when clients have their email accounts hacked, it was because they responded to a phishing email. Please read our Email Fraud Think Piece to learn more about this.

Nicholas Holcomb
Chief Technology Officer
Payroll Network, Inc.