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HR Advisory service for Payroll Network iSolved clients.

It’s like hiring a part time HR Executive – who also happens to be an expert on the iSolved platform. With HR PRO, your HR will be professional and compliant, giving you peace of mind.

HR PRO assigns you an HR Advisor who is an expert in 3 things.

1. HR policies, procedures, and best practices
2. iSolved technology
3. The specific needs of you and your business

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How it Works

Your HR PRO advisor audits your HR systems and data, recommends goals and works with your team to develop and execute an action plan. This will ensure your organization is compliant and on top of new rules and regulations, freeing you up to focus on business strategy.

HR PRO Advisors Help You Win.

Contact us for a free, 15 minute HR audit / sanity check, and we’ll throw in a free HCM efficiency report.

Be Sure

You’ll Succeed

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