Payroll and HR Solutions for Business Associations & Nonprofits

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Payroll Network provides nonprofits with specialized grant and program reporting, back-office software integration, knowledgeable payroll and HR staff, human resources tracking, timekeeping, benefits administration, and human resources assistance.

Cost allocation compliance

  • Cost allocation to programs, grants and other cost centers is one of the basic aspects of nonprofit accounting.
  • Few payroll services provide cost allocation with full understanding of end reporting needs of nonprofit clients. Many services do not provide this service at all, forcing the nonprofit to accomplish this task manually.
  • Payroll for Nonprofits provides numerous tools, each suited to the varied needs of our clients.
  • We provide reports, such as all payroll hours and costs allocated to one program over any time period including multi-year reports.

Grant & Program Reporting

Nonprofits increasingly have to be able to provide documentation on how employee time has been spent on specific grants and programs. Our experience in this area enables us to setup our payroll system to provide your organization with this reporting. Sometimes the funding source requires timecards documenting where an employee has spent their time. With Payroll for Nonprofits, you can print timecards and reports at any time. Be confidently prepared for those audits with a minimum of work!

We have numerous time keeping solutions that we can customize to fit the needs of your organization.

  • Reports to funders often are an important and time consuming aspect of grant compliance.
  • Our payroll service has hundreds of reports that make grant reporting easy.
  • For example, we provide fiscal year or inception to date reports for a specific grant. Or, we can provide fiscal year reports on all grants, including hours.
  • Not all clients are the same, and all have differing ways of tracking and reporting grants. We work with your organization to provide the reports you need.

Nonprofit Sector Experience

  • Our customers report that one of the major benefits of Payroll Network is our familiarity with the challenges that nonprofits face, particularly in today’s economy.
  • All of our payroll specialists and customer service personnel have worked within a nonprofit organization so that they can offer advice and guidance based on real world experience.
  • We also have depth of experience with subsets of nonprofits such as Arts Organizations, Group Homes, Community Development, and Social Service agencies.


  • General ledger reporting for nonprofits
  • Text file for import into your accounting software
  • Automate your payroll entry
  • Improve your audit trail
  • Save time and money
  • Able to split payroll expenses across your funds, programs, grants and cost centers
  • Able to allocate employer portion of taxes and benefits to funds, programs, grants and cost centers
  • Staffed by professionals who understand your organization’s needs and industry terminology
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I have been most pleased with the personal touch and the local knowledge within Payroll Network. Our organization has seen far fewer payroll issues since switching to Payroll Network from a large, national provider and whenever we do have issues, they are quickly resolved.
I don’t give referrals very often, but when I have a service provider that consistently performs the way Payroll Network does, I’m happy to let the world know.

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