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Empowering your team

“As the Director of HR for our law firm, I empower our staff with web-based applications that provide them with access to their personal records and payroll details so they can change their own contact details, family members and banking information and benefits so they are better-served and I can focus on developing the talent in our organization.”

“As the Director of Professional Development for our law firm, I provide each member of our staff with an easily-generated report showing total wages and benefits, including salaries, commissions, employer match of taxes, such as social security and Medicare, employer paid insurance premiums as well as the cost of all other fringe benefits so employees would understand the actual costs of their total compensation packages, so then I could discuss the value each staff member places on specific benefits, and offer choices over the mix of compensation that can benefit both our firm and employees.”

“As the Chief Financial Officer for our firm, I have improved our payroll department operations through more structured work interfaces, better management of payroll calendars, finding operational efficiencies and higher levels of employee self-services, greater certainty as to the quality of payroll controls in place and developing dependable and engaged payroll specialists, so I can move the payroll department from a technical-operational focus to an influential business-centered focus that helps guide policy, controls and employee/manager self-service.”

We Serve 40+ Law Firms Headquartered in the DC/Baltimore metro areas

The Payroll Network team has extensive experience configuring, implementing and supporting Payroll & HR solutions to meet the needs of today’s law firms. We provide payroll & HR services to 43 law firms headquartering in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas. Can we help you?

The Best Payroll and HR Solution for Law Firms

Payroll Network’s iSolved® HCM allows your firm to optimize its HR processes while streamlining day-to-day operational tasks.

Our cloud-based solution includes key components that stay-up-to-date with your firm’s changing needs and gives your finance or human resources department the time to focus on projects critical to your firm’s vision.

iSolved’s comprehensive human capital management solutions integrate business functions into a single source, automate procedures, increase efficiencies and save money

With Payroll Network, your schools will benefit from:

  • Easy calculation and payment of stipends
  • Support for multiple types of pay groups, for example weekly and monthly
  • Taxation based on 10 months rather than a 12-month standard calendar year
  • Tracking capabilities for percentages for pension contributions
  • Automated entitlement accruals, including sick, vacation, and personal time
  • An easy on-boarding process for both your full-time and part-time employees
  • A cloud-based application, no hardware or software infrastructure is needed
  • Seamless integration to your general ledger
  • Our employee self-service portal which gives administrator and faculty 24×7 access to their personal information
  • The ability to track performance reviews, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons, licenses/certifications, training, permits, EEO, workers’ compensation information, skills, languages, education history, and FMLA
  • Access to key metrics via our dynamic dashboards and analytics
  • GL reporting
  • 401k reporting
  • Standard reporting
  • Report wizard-can create any type of reporting
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I have been most pleased with the personal touch and the local knowledge within Payroll Network. Our organization has seen far fewer payroll issues since switching to Payroll Network from a large, national provider and whenever we do have issues, they are quickly resolved.
I don’t give referrals very often, but when I have a service provider that consistently performs the way Payroll Network does, I’m happy to let the world know.

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