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Before reaching the 15-employee threshold, you’ve likely realized the importance of establishing foundational HR processes and outlines. All too often, though, we see business owners try to take on the responsibility of establishing that foundation by themselves.

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Not only does that take valuable time away from you, it also forces you to do something outside of your expertise. Building this foundation is vital to current and future success, but understanding the appropriate steps to take is not always easy. HR Advisor educates business owners between the 5- and 50-employee threshold on initial HR structure and helps establish a foundation through multiple focuses, including:


Policies Policies — Businesses must have a number of HR policies in place from the beginning to keep employees and processes organized. We help develop, communicate, and implement your crucial policies, including sexual harassment policies, paid time off policies, timekeeping and payroll policies, and so much more.
Employee Handbook Employee Handbook — One of the best ways to communicate these policies and other vital aspects of your business is through a concise, updated employee handbook. A good handbook is your first line of defense and outlines expectations for employees. This compilation of information answers many questions that your team members may have throughout their onboarding and into their employment, and our team dedicates time and attention that you may not have to construct a complete employee handbook.
Introduction to Compliance Introduction to Compliance — Compliance requirements evolve with the size of your company, and once you hit the 15-employee threshold, there are certain laws you must remain compliant with, including the Americans With Disabilities Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and more. There are also important procedures you must stay on top of to avoid fines, including proper I-9 storage. HR Advisor educates you on these introductory compliance issues and uses scalable HR technology to build the processes and procedures to help you remain compliant.
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