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It’s time to meet the growing needs of your expanding company. Once you reach the 50-employee mark, you are forced to handle new regulations that smaller companies are less constrained by.

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At this point in your company's growth, you may already have an HR manager overseeing and managing your internal HR processes. However, this onslaught of new regulations is far more than one person can handle. HR Advisor solves that issue by offering a customized suite of ongoing HR services that go beyond establishing your HR foundation and begin enriching your entire HR department. Here’s how we do it:


Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance — Building on the compliance foundation established after reaching 15 employees, the 50-employee mark introduces even more requirements that impact benefits, onboarding, and more. Larger companies must adhere to many regulations, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Affordable Care Act, and a bevy of equal employment opportunity guidelines.

State Laws State Laws — Compliance isn’t just limited to the federal level; states have their own laws that growing small business owners must adhere to. We have the knowledge and understanding of state-level regulations to ensure that our HR consulting services are tailored to you.
Human Capital Management Human Capital Management — As your headcount grows, so does your need for streamlined processes and improved technology. Utilizing a human capital management (HCM) software allows you to organize all aspects of HR — payroll, timekeeping, talent acquisition, benefit and enrollment, taxes, and more — in one easy-to-use system. HR Advisor works with iSolved to provide industry-leading HCM solutions.
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