isolved Executive Dashboards & Reports

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Make data Work for You.

Dashboards Deliver Workforce Intelligence

  • Applicant tracking
  • Payroll company setup
  • Payroll, labor and tax costs
  • Leave accrual
  • HR, benefit and ACA compliance
  • Benefit evaluation utilities
  • Time & attendance
  • Dashboard metrics
Dashboards Deliver Workforce Intelligence - Learn more with Payroll Network
Ready For Complete Insight?

The Most Valuable Reports Built Just for You

  • Financial Snapshots

    Examine gross payroll by month, over any length of time. Check for trends that need correction or to assist with expense forecasting.

  • Demographic Analysis

    Quickly review the gender, age and ethnicity makeup of your organization. Gather all the data you need for compliance reporting.

  • Headcounts

    See your full-time to part-time employee count, instantly. Ensure you’re not breaking your budget or running into ACA compliance issues.

  • Total Compensation Statements

    Employee benefit participation is tied to the employee record and directly to the employee payroll. Easily produced individualized Total Compensation Report. Demonstrate to each employee the value of employee compensation and benefits.