Pre-Employment Screening

 Pre-Employment Screening

Inquiries, Inc.

Pre-employment Screening Quote

Payroll Network is proud to partner with Inquiries, Inc. to provide our clients best of breed pre-employment screening services.  Like Payroll Network, Inquiries is a regionally-based company that has a national footprint.  Formed in 1999 as an employment screening company, Inquires has grown by providing organizations with background screening solutions by including personnel suitability and security for employees, contractors and potential hires. Inquiries has a national reach, servicing over 5,000 companies in both the public and the private sector. In addition to Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and state and municipal government contracts, Inquiries works with private industries in multiple sectors, including staffing, healthcare and transportation.

Through this partnership, Payroll Network offers its clients a broad array of local and global services for employment screening and is continually expanding the menu of available services. This broad collection of pre-employment screening and employment eligibility verification services provides fast turnaround times and accurate results to help ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately program success.

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