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Payroll Services

Robust payroll software is the centerpiece of our human capital management solution. Built from the ground up in the cloud, iSolved® is cutting-edge payroll processing technology.

With iSolved® Payroll you gain powerful functionality without the steep learning curves and costs that usually accompany implementing a new payroll system. You have complete control over the entire payroll process, from source, supporting multiple methods of time input, utilizing our integrated time and attendance solution, time import, or user defined time entry grids to real-time pay check calculation, to generating NACHA files for direct deposit and check/direct deposit advices, off-cycle checks, provide a general ledger interface, and dozens of standard payroll reports.

Time & Labor Management

iSolved® Time is an optional component of our core iSolved® HCM Solution, providing you with a feature-rich time tracking application all from the same access point as your payroll, HR and benefits.

Traditional timekeeping methods set the stage for calculation and data entry errors, as well as incorrect or inconsistent application of company policies. Mistakes are frequent and usually not discovered until after payroll has been disbursed, if ever at all. Additional time and money are commonly spent on error correction, tax penalties and even legal disputes. The entire process is unnecessarily labor-intensive, error prone and costly.

Talent Acquisition

Applicant management and recruitment could not be simpler.

Today’s applicants are used to sophisticated, socially oriented websites and will judge a potential employer by the website experience. Your recruitment website should include a robust blend of information about your company’s culture and work environment. Interactive and user-friendly, iSolved® with Newton applicant tracking offers these time-saving features.

Benefits Administration

Benefit Plan Set-Up, Design, Eligibility, Enrollment and Statement Generation, All in One Cost-Effective Solution: iSolved® HCM

Your benefit enrollment and eligibility process is the foundation of a valuable partnership with your employees. When your employees understand the value and features of their benefits, they become more engaged and, maybe, even more productive. Offering tailored employee benefits will not only save you time, but will also result in improved employee engagement.

HR Management

One Solution – From Pre-Hire to Retire – that manages the Entire Employee Life cycle

Increasingly — in organizations of all sizes — the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of Finance and Human Resources are overlapping. Tightening budgets and ever-increasing regulation and compliance requirements are challenging administrative professionals to work smarter and more efficiently than ever. To meet these challenges, you need a single solution that will help you manage the entire spectrum employee life cycle.

iSolved Mobile

Now that more employees are working remote and on-the-go, employers are seeking solutions to accurately track their mobile employees.

And, beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, labor laws have increased the pressure on accuracy of all employee time records.

In addition to an increasing number of labor grievances, FLSA, FMLA, and of course the Affordable Care Act are just a few regulations that demand precise labor records – even for your mobile employees.

Plus, employers are looking to drive improved engagement and mobile platforms help achieve that goal.

listen, hear that?

That’s us delivering HR and Payroll Solutions to businesses like yours.

“Payroll Network offered to help our firm clear up the many tax issues that we faced, even though we hadn’t officially signed on with them yet. The fact that we had their expertise to resolve these issues made Payroll Network a big draw for USRC.…

Nzinga Baker | Vice President & Director, Finance & Administration | Union Station Redevelopment Corporation

“Before we switched from ADP to Payroll Network, we were concerned that Payroll Network might not be able to provide the same number of services that the larger players provide. But, we were pleased to find that Payroll Network has always met and exceeded our…

K. David Meit | President & CEO | Oculus Realty, LLC


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